My Garden Catalog - 2020

Your sanctuary from the bustle of modern living, your haven and retreat, a garden is so much more than a patch of green to beautify your home. Indulge your imagination and create a tranquil space, where the nurturing and rejuvenating touch of nature can revive your spirit. Where the nostalgia of a simpler time takes you back to your roots and stills the din of a restless world. An oasis where you and your loved ones take pleasure in companionship, and make memories to last a lifetime.

Green - Refreshing & Calm

If every colour speaks its own language, then green is surely multi-lingual. The metal, malleable but robust, they are versatile enough to indulge the imagination and I made the most of this trait in this collection. I have paired this versatility with various dialects of sandy browns and greys in fabric, rattan and more. Here in the Gulf, sand and the many hues it expresses itself in, are an obvious elemental inspiration to draw from nature, and this has led to a diverse and distinctive collection.

- Mr. Sayed Habib (General Manager - Buying)

Classic Simplicity

Steeped in subtle earthen shades, minimalist steel and classic rattan. Invite nature into your leisure, with our collection of hardy but elegant garden seating.

Ruby Sofa Cum Dining Set
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  • Ensemble consists of L Shape sofa with three single chairs and a water-resistant table
  • Option to attach an umbrella at the center of the table
  • Perfect addition to your backyard, pool and outdoor spaces.
  • Rattan construction over powder coated steel is durable and easy to maintain
  • Cushions are UV protected for long durability

Tradition & Roots

The enchantment of vintage Arabic style, brought to life in warm timber tones. Enrich your garden with the welcoming aura of a timeless centerpiece.

Giza Wooden Gazebo 3.5x3.5M
AED 26,999 | OMR 2999 | BD 2999
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  • Gazebo and deck crafted from pine wood and inspired by classical Arabian aesthetics
  • Featuring a stylish roof with waterproofing
  • Back seat ergonomically designed for better comfort
  • Comes with stylish and heavy duty curtain
  • Featuring natural wood for strong and robust quality
  • Comes with wooden flooring for premium experience
  • Idealfor big family and comes with five years warranty

Its All Yellow

Form is the canvas on which design paints possibilities. This collection merges aesthetics with functionality, so it can host private reverie and boisterous get-togethers with equal aplomb. I crafted these ensembles and accessories to suit every need and taste and yet retain a very unique style of their own. The smooth and suave greys that underpin these creations invoke a quiet confidence that is the hallmark of the collection.

- Ms. jimmy Rui (Product Designer)

Inaya Multi Function L-Shape Sofa Set
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  • A flexible ensemble that can convert from L Shaped sofa to a lounger
  • Sofa and table can be rearranged to your preference

Breathtaking Opulence

A spectacular composition that speaks of your taste for the bold and grand. Layered shades of brown with a trim of glistening gold, this gazebo stirs visions of lavish sandstone walls, bathed in the gilded rays of dawn.

Laura Sofa With Gazebo Set
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  • A striking Gazebo cum Sofa ensemble that dramatically transforms any outdoor space, but can also be folded away when not required.
  • A roof that can be folded like a blind, to either seclude from or invite in, the magnificent splendor of beautiful open skies.
  • Comfortable seating for 8 adults, along with the convenience of a coffee table.
  • Frame entwined LED lights provide a touch of glamour and transformative ambience.
  • A look that fuses the classic mystique of a Majlis with contemporary functionality and aesthetic.
  • Ensemble which can be seperated when required.

Sleek Tranquility

Make a statement that fuses confident symmetry with ample spaces to indulge your generous hospitality. From the soothing autumn shades to the relaxing swaying of swings, this is a space to gather friends and family, to make memories that linger.

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  • A roomy ensemble in an appealing and distinctive color, which can easily accommodate large families and groups.
  • Round wicker build that adds structural strength and a unique look.
  • The sofa can transform into a lounge bed and the coffee table is large enough to dine off, creating a versatile space.
  • Thick and plush cushioning and the added versatility offered by a substantial ottoman.
  • Your complete solution for garden

Grace in Grey

Add a dash of contemporary cool to the outdoors. Offset the lush green of your garden with charcoal hues and modern minimalism.

Classic Renewed

At once of our time and hinting at nostalgia, this is a creation that pairs the refreshingly new with the disarmingly familiar. Classical form invigorated with just a trace of the unusual.

Lavender in Bloom

If every material speaks its own language, then metals are surely multi-lingual. Malleable but robust, they are versatile enough to indulge the imagination and I made the most of this trait in this collection. I have paired this versatility with various dialects of sandy browns and greys in fabric, rattan and more. Here in the Gulf, sand and the many hues it expresses itself in, are an obvious elemental inspiration to draw from nature, and this has led to a diverse and distinctive collection.

- Mr. Wendell Mandocdoc (Visual Merchandising Manager)

Generous and Ornate

Arches and domes have been humanity’s classical language in stone and being seated in a circle our most ancient gesture of inclusion. This gazebo speaks to the memories of the rich tapestry of ethnicities that have made Dubai their home.

Poetry in Metal

Proportion, form and function come together in exquisite harmony in our collection of swings and seating. Crafted in resilient metal and offset with plush luxuriant cushioning.

Airy and Chic

Light on the eyes but firm to the touch, translucent fabric and glass add a fresh and classy twist to the sophisticated restraint of these compositions.

Refined and Suave

Add a beguiling air of urbane panache to your garden, with this roomy and minimal gazebo. Classic sweeping lines frame soft greens and wispy browns to blend perfectly with natural elements. Open, welcoming and the perfect nook of shade in which to enjoy the outdoors.

Bronze Brown & Tan

Earthen shades stimulate and soothe in equal measure. It’s one of nature’s most favoured hues, from rich mineral streaks to smooth timber and yielding clay. This collection works with the deep resonance these tones draw from the human heart. I infused the collection with cues from diverse heritages and traditions, to draw from the nostalgia of a bygone time, in a modern and vogue context. The inspiration was to fuse our connection to nature with the journey that human cultural expression has taken through history.

- Mr. Tilak (Senior Buyer)

Polished and Assertive

Confident and unflappable, fleshed out in vintage rattan and finished with flawlessly proportioned cushions. This is a composition that makes a statement in shades of robust boughs and striking ivory.

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  • Seating for 8 plus table arrangement in rattan.
  • This sofa cum dining can be folded into a neat cube when not in use.
  • Features tempered glass table top.

Tales in Timber

From seafaring vessels to charming home and hearth, mankind’s romance with wood is an enduring relationship. Indulge your senses with this exquisite gazebo that stirs deep memories and will host many more.

Crimson Extravagance

Rich, deep and striking - it’s impossible to be indifferent to the passionate palette of red. These ensembles smoulder with the many states of this extrovert among shades, sometimes as the featured statement and in other instances as a subtle counterpoint. My aim was to embrace the bold confidence with which the colour expresses itself in nature. A garden is in a constant state of change and this collection speaks to that exuberance of life. The flair and flourish of reds is the perfect counterpoint to this dynamism.

- Ms. Ellen Castro (Product Designer)

Heritage Rephrased

Steeped in allusions to the warm hospitality of Arabia, this gazebo updates the Majlis of legend and tradition, to a graceful centerpiece for your garden.

Delightful and Festive

Delicate floral hues and unadorned wood, to bring a perennial air of rejuvenating springtime to your outdoor spaces. Light-hearted and buoyant, this has an ensemble speaks in optimism and good cheer.

Oriental Enchantment

This captivating pergola invokes the aesthetics of the Far East. An unmistakably robust statement in sturdy pine, this dramatic addition turns your patio into your own private retreat.

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  • Multilevel Pergola with classic archway designs
  • Built in bench with console arm rest and bar
  • Durable resin foot to prevent decay from moisture
  • Sturdy contemporary pine wood construction

Plush and Laid-Back

Transform your favourite outdoor corner into an extension of your home. Subdued grey and restrained rattan are topped here, with lusciously welcoming cushions.

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